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Caroline Kremer

“There is a crack, a crack in everything.  That’s how the light gets in.” – Leonard Cohen

My passion for the Caroline Kremer Method is continually reinforced by the tangible results I have seen clients achieve. Since I began using Bowen as a treatment I have continued my professional development, studying gait, alignment and displacement, sports injuries, breathing and complementary mind-body systems including yoga.

In 2007 I became involved in a unique study of the human form at St George's hospital, London. It was the first time dissection work had been carried out in the UK in this way. Since then my work has maintained a strong focus on the importance of the continuum of fascia through the body.

I have a deep understanding of the relationship of body alignment, myofascial and fascial stress lines and the impact of emotional and psychological stress on the physical body. Using the Bowen Technique in combination with breath work and yoga gives me a versatile toolbox: a powerful combination of therapies to help accelerate recovery, enhance holistic wellbeing and enable athletes to excel.

I have taught body alignment to the bodywork industry, spoken at the Royal Society of Medicine, and treated dancers, professional sportsmen, Triathletes, marathon and ultra-runners.

I am committed, passionate, and extremely knowledgeable in my field of expertise. The Caroline Kremer Method provides an individually tailored and specialised treatment programme, enabling excelled performance. Using my highly developed skills in discovering the minutiae of mal-alignment, encouraging rapid injury repair and improving breathing patterns, I educate clients to re-discover a body and breathing awareness that improves the rest of their life.

I am a strong believer in pro-active holistic healthcare; to maintain peak performance and health it is necessary to 'treat the healthy body to maintain a healthy body'.