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The Reality

High-level executive life is not all private jets and cocktail parties – the mental and physical demands of these fast paced positions cannot be underestimated.  Hectic schedules and pressurised environments mean a lack of balance in work, home and health.  Spending time in chairs, at desks and computers, in cars or airplanes can create postural displacement, not to mention few breaks in the periods of mental stress in these demanding careers.

The Downward Spiral

These conditions can lead to:  a weakened immune system, poor energy levels, sluggish digestion, tension in muscles, headaches, body aches and pains, heart issues, sleeping problems and constant mind chatter.

The Key

To achieve a healthier balance is to shift from the stress aspect of the autonomic nervous system to the state of ‘rest and digest’ that we need to repair ourselves.  The Caroline Kremer Method combines the benefits of Caroline’s own breathing therapy, Just Breathe, with the Bowen Technique.

The Results

More energy, greater focus, a greater sense of calm and relaxation, lower heart rate/pressure, functioning digestive system, improved sleep patterns, full diaphragmatic breathing and freer movement within the body - Leading to PEAK PERFORMANCE.