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How it Works

Bowen is a series of moves rolling superficial fascia over deep fascia at specific points on the body. Working through light clothing or directly on the skin, the gentle moves trigger a response in the body to kick-start the natural repair process (the same that will mend a cut without interference from the person other than a possible plaster or stitches). More specifically, the moves stimulate the nervous system to release tension in the soft tissue.  This allows free movement within the joints and releases pressure on the nerve roots.

It also works on a whole-body level to equalise tension throughout the physical structure, particularly through the superficial and deep fascia connective tissue that covers every muscle fibre, every muscle, nerve, capillary, vein, and organ in the body.

In between sets of moves, short rest breaks allow the brain and body to move past habitual response patterns. These breaks stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, activating a 'rest and digest' state in which the repair mechanism is most active and new, healthier ‘default settings’ can be established.


Common feedback is: pain relief, improved alignment, greater fluidity and ease of movement, increased energy levels,  improved training sessions, faster reps, reduced stroke rate in swimming, greater stability, improved sleep pattern, greater relaxation and, most importantly, achieving personal bests.

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