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Just Breathe

“When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace.” - Author Unknown

Restrictions to a full breath can stem from stress, tight chest/ribcage and rounded shoulders, postural collapse and too much tension in the abdominal muscles. These restrictions to peak performance are frequently seen in triathletes, cyclists, swimmers and office workers sitting at desks and on computers all day long.

The Caroline Kremer Method uses Just Breathe, a quick-to-learn breathing method, developed by Caroline that leads to a greater awareness of the pattern of the breath in the present moment. Once the habitual breathing pattern is understood and by using a few easy techniques, a natural, free-flowing breath that feels smoother and fuller returns.

Many have a realization that they don't breathe efficiently. Even athletes. When addressed the results are performance enhancing.


The results of Just Breathe full diaphragmatic breathing are instantaneous.

  • Greater power and stamina, less breathlessness, freedom of movement and a sense of openness in the lungs that means training becomes easier
  • A more upright and open change to postural alignment
  • Lowers the heart rate and blood pressure
  • A release of tension in the upper body to allow for greater global shoulder movement - vital in running, cycling and swimming
  • A sense of being more grounded and of lightness through the body
  • Easier breath pattern in swimming where breathing needs to be controlled.

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